The Real Reasons for the Explosive Growth of Labiaplasty

Date posted: May 30, 2010

Sometimes it just does me no good to read the news, especially when the topic of Labiaplasty or vaginoplasty come up.  Too many times, people who are not connected with the field offer opinions that are total hogwash.  I just had one of those moments, when some blogger offered her view that these procedures have become so popular because of Hollywood’s obsession with plastic surgery and the perfect body.  While I’m sure this might influence some ladies to have a labiaplasty, I think there are some other more important motivations.

Before we get into these reasons, let’s understand what I mean by labiaplasty.  This is the plastic-surgery procedure in which the size of a woman’s inner lips of her vulva are reduced.  This enhances the appearance of her genitalia, but has other benefits as well.  The benefits of the procedure include:

* She becomes less self-conscious when wearing certain clothing.

* She enjoys sexual activities more.

* She feels physically more  comfortable during athletic activities like working out or biking.

* The amount of abrasion is reduced, which might otherwise lead to inflammation and infection.

As you can see from that list of benefits, two of them are very medical in nature.  This is a procedure that is as much about relieving physical discomfort as it is about pride in one’s body.

Just a few years ago, few people had even heard of labiaplasty; they certainly weren’t requesting it. A big part of this was the embarrassment connected with an operation on such a private area of the body.  Just the past few years, that has changed.  In a big way. Here’s why I think this has happened.

1) Society is more willing to talk about subjects that were once considered taboo, including nearly anything connected with sex.  This means that women will now openly discuss nearly anything with their friends, including their genitalia.

2) Clothing styles have changed, and in some cases, gotten tighter and more revealing.  Many of these styles create great discomfort for the woman with enlarged labia.  And because these women are no longer embarrassed to think about their genitalia, they are willing to do what’s necessary to wear the clothing they like without being in constant discomfort.

3) Women are part of the growing trend to be more active.  Since oversized labia interfere with some popular exercise options, a labiaplasty actually helps them to lead healthier lifestyles.

4) And yes, there is the pleasure of sex involved..  Specifically, today, sex is not about a man dominating the woman or vice versa, but a shared relationship.  And with this new mentality, men and women are willing to talk about what pleases them on both a physical and emotional level.  For many, this increased enjoyment involves labiaplasty to create a more attractive anatomy.

Those are the four big reasons I think labiaplasty is on the increase.  Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to always think the worst about something, just because it is something that others wouldn’t do.

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