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Get Rid of the Bulge in your Bikini with Mons Pubic Reduction

Summer is just around the corner and so is bikini weather!  Do you feel uncomfortable with an excess bulge at the top of your vagina that just doesn’t look right in anything you wear?  This area is the Mons Pubis … Continue reading

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Plastic Surgery Is Not Always Just Cosmetic

For a lot of people, especially women, cosmetic surgery is an option to help improve their appearance and self esteem, even issues concerning the genital area. For some women though, plastic surgery in the genital area can lead to a … Continue reading

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Mons Pubis Reduction

A 30 year old woman comes in complaining of bulging of the mons especially when she wears pants. She gained a lot of weight at one time and now she lost it everywhere except around the mons pubis. What can … Continue reading

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