Medical Reasons to Seek Labiaplasty

Date posted: December 5, 2008

Although many women choose to have labiaplasty performed to change the size or shape of their labia for cosmetic reasons, in certain circumstances labiaplasty may be performed for medical or hygienic reasons. In medical situations, the prime reason for labiaplasty is to increase the function and health of the female perineal area rather than beautification.

Caused by hormone levels, frequent wiping for those with urinary frequency, or frequent urinary infections, genetics or affects from a difficult pregnancy the labia may get thicker or longer to the point of causing medical problems. Large labia tend to hold extra moisture and bacteria often times resulting in more Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) and yeast infections. Besides an increased risk of infection, large labia may become very irritated and can get scraped or chafed when participating in physical activities. In some cases where the labia are particularly long, simply sitting can cause pain and irritation. In these circumstances, the labia constantly are irritated resulting in considerable discomfort and frequent scratching which leads to more discomfort. Wearing underwear or a sanitary napkin during menstruation can cause discomfort and even pain. Activities such as going out during menstruation may be avoided for fear of embarrassment. Other hobbies such as aerobic and dance classes may be avoided to prevent pain, from leotards and tight exercise wear rubbing against irritated labia. After using the restroom, wiping with toilet paper may be difficult or near impossible. In these circumstances, labiaplasty may be suggested by a physician as a medically necessary surgery. Trimming of the excess tissue of the labia is beneficial in reducing infections of the labia as well as eliminating the uncomfortable irritation created when active. Of note is that in most cases health insurance will not cover the surgery but many women feel it is well worth the money. Whatever the case, for women that are seeking relief from large labia, labiaplasty may help create a more enjoyable, healthier, pain free life.

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