Be Rejuvenated with Labiaplasty NYC

Date posted: October 1, 2013

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces or tightens the vagina’s inner lips (labia majora), outer lips (labia minora), or both. There are several reasons that can lead to elongation of these body parts. It can be due to childbirth, sexual intercourse, genetics, or aging. Women who go through the procedure can be divided into two categories: those who have congenital defects or want to seek relief from vaginal pain and women who have cosmetic concerns with their vaginas. In other words, the procedure can be done for both functional and cosmetic reasons.

A woman is a good candidate for the procedure if she has enlarged labia that causes pain or makes her self-conscious. A large labia can prevent women from reaching sexual satisfaction as it causes pain during intercourse, exercise, or even when wearing tight-fitting jeans. It also prevents them from wearing bathing suits. To undergo the procedure, the patient must be in good health.

During the procedure, a small incision is made on the labia and a small amount of tissue is removed. This improves comfort and provides a more youthful look. Sutures are placed in the area, and it should dissolve in a few weeks. The placement of the incisions usually makes the scar undetectable.

The surgery is designed to change the appearance of the labia and not to enhance sexual pleasure. Another procedure called vaginaplasty, tightening of the muscles of the vagina, increases sexual satisfaction for both partners. Women who are interested in this procedure have to express their concern to the surgeon during the initial consultation.

As with any other procedure, labiaplasty also has its own risks. Bleeding, infection, and scarring may develop. Also, there are various techniques utilized in labiaplasty. It is important to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon or gynecologist like Dr. Helen Colen, Dr. Kari Colen of New York to learn about these approaches.

Dr. Helen Colen and Dr. Kari Colen are board certified plastic surgeons with extensive experience in labiaplasty.  Dr. Colen does cosmetic vaginal surgeries. Together they handle different surgical problems in women and provide the necessary treatment in the Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery Suite. It is one of the few facilities with the best board-certified plastic surgeons and gynecologists that provide a combined approach to functional and cosmetic problems of the bladder, vagina, and labia. Consult any of these doctors today and find out how you can improve the appearance of your labia and be rejuvenated.

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