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Trimming and Wedging: Two More Labiaplasty Techniques in New York Labiaplasty

Date posted: February 24, 2012

Recently, I’ve been telling you about several different labiaplasty techniques that various plastic surgeons perform, depending on their own expertise and on the needs of their patients. We’ll conclude with two lesser-used techniques: the trim and the wedge.

The surgeon uses the trim method to trim the length and size of the patient’s inner lips (the “labia minora”). During this procedure, the plastic surgeon removes the edge strip of skin which runs along each of the labia minora. This procedure is done for patients who express discontent with the discoloration, pigment or roughness of the inner labia. The trim helps restore the labia to a more pleasing color and relieves some of the roughness. Even though this sounds like a benefit (and for most, it is), this maybe actually a drawback for some patients. Since the trim gets rid of the labia minora’s rough outer edge, if it is overdone it has the potential of making the labia look too smooth hence artificial. The new edge should not appear unnaturally smooth. However even though some women think that lips should not be “too smooth” as smooth appearance is unappealing, others, though, consider it a dream come true–much as a person who has the Hollywood model’s figure might enjoy having that too-good-to-be-true body. Regardless, many plastic surgeons can recreate the rogation in order to preserve a more natural appearance.

The trim can be done by itself or else used in conjunction with a procedure known as a clitoral hood reduction. Since the trim runs down and up the length of the patient’s labia minora, the surgeon can easily do both procedures with one incision. By doing so, she reduces trauma for the patient and increases her ability to recover quickly and have increased sensation.

Finally, let’s consider the wedge technique. With the wedge, the surgeon removes excess tissue, but does so using a different pattern from the trim. In the wedge technique, a wedge-shaped section of tissue is surgically removed. After this, the labia’s innter lips are sewn together, thus forming a smaller profile. The purpose of the wedge is it allows the labia to be reduced without the need to cut off the outer edge. This allows patient and surgeon to retain the inner lip’s natural edge.

One advantage of this technique is that the resulting scar will not run the length of the patient’s labia. However, there is a greater risk of the wound reopening than there is with the trim technique. Speak with your surgeon about which procedure would be best in your situation.

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Repair Your Episiotomy- New York

Date posted: February 17, 2012

If you feel as though an old episiotomy is standing in the way of your sexual enjoyment, our office may be able to help!  A previous episiotomy may have left a stricture or band which can be removed during a vaginal reconstruction to increase sexual pleasure and restore heightened sensation.  Muscles in this area can be tightened depending on your needs, as well. Contact our New York office for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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Reduction of the Female Labia Majora Labiaplasty

Date posted: February 16, 2012

Not all labiaplasty procedures are the same. In fact, when we speak of labiaplasty, we’re actually talking about one of several different techniques. The actual technique that you undergo will vary according to your needs and according to the plastic surgeon that you’ve hired. One of the most common techniques is the reduction of the female labia majora. Let’s take a closer look at it.

The Labia Majora Reduction is a technique that is nicely suited for the woman who feels that labia majora (the outer lips of the vagina area) are overly puffy or fatty. This excessive puffiness can be chaused by childbirth, sudden weight gain and loss, or even by genetics. One possible result of enlarged labia majora is a trapping of moisture, which in turn causes skin irritation. Many women who experience yeast infection can trace it back to this fatty condition.

One way that a surgeon moves this excess fat is through liposuction. The name says it all: liposuction is simply the use of suction to remove fat from under the skin. Liposuction in a labiaplasty causes the labia to appear more attractive and streamlined. Sometimes a mons pubis reduction will help, as well. This is because the labia majora and mons pubis are connected, and sometimes, if we change one, we must change the other, so as to avoid the appearance of a visual imbalance.

Sometimes, though, liposuction might not work well. In this case, we might opt for labia excision, in which we remove portions of the outer lips in order to tighten any wrinkled and / or loose skin. When the surgeon opts for labia excision, she actually hides the incision in the valley between the patient’s labia minora and labia majora. It presereves the woman’s looks and genital sensation, and leaves no external scars.

And then there’s augmentation. The plastic surgeon and patient might choose this when the lips appear atrophic and too wrong, or insufficiently full. In augmentation, we cut away any excess hanging tissue and we inject a filler (often fat), in order to achieve fuller outer lips.

Deciding if reduction of the labia is right for your situation will require a consultation between you and your plastic surgeon. However, if you have any general questions about this technique, feel free to contact me, and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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Mons Pubis Reduction- New York

Date posted: February 6, 2012

An enlargement of the pubis mons is common due to pregnancy, fluctuations in weight or genetics. This problem occurs most commonly in women, but may effect men as well. One strategy for combating and enlarged pubis mons is a mini tummy tuck. With scars localized to the bikini area, this less invasive procedure, may a great option for you. Contact our New York office today for more information!

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Management of Urinary Stress Incontinence- New York

Date posted: February 2, 2012

Women over 40 are much more likely to experience the stress and embarrassment of stress incontinence. Sneezing, laughing and coughing can all be triggers for small amounts of urine to leak out uncontrolled due to weakness in the muscles that support the bladder and urethra.
At Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery Suite we several surgical options for patients who are struggling with this issue. With minimal downtime, and discomfort our skilled surgeons can find the right solution to rid you of this difficult affliction. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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