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Post-Labiaplasty Exercise

Date posted: April 28, 2010

Women who come to me for labiaplasty are typically those who take good care of themselves physically. For that reason, they frequently ask me how soon they can return to exercising after their procedure.  Let’s examine the subject of your post-labiaplasty exercise program. (more…)

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Career Advice for Future Plastic Surgeons

Date posted: April 20, 2010

From time to time, I talk with young people who are considering plastic surgery as a career. And then there’s the occasional person who has completed her education and ready to enter the field fulltime.  For that second group, I have some advice of how to land that first plastic-surgery position.

First, hopefully while you were in school, you gave some thought to which area you would like to make your specialty.  This doesn’t mean that you won’t branch out into other areas, but the most successful plastic surgeons make a name for themselves as “the expert” in one or two sub-fields of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.  For instance, while I do many types of plastic-surgery procedures, I’ve developed a positive reputation for my work in vaginoplasty and labiaplasty.  Some other fields you might consider include facelifts, weight-loss procedures, breast enhancements and reductions.  There are even hand surgeon specialists!

You’ll might need to work for someone else, at least for a while, before you start your own practice. This means editing and updating your resume.  This will include writing a new cover letter which outlines your goals in the open plastic-surgery position.  I recommend that, rather than having a stock resume and cover letter, you customize it for each position.  And before you settle on a final resume, make sure you’ve researched and learned all you can about that medical practice ahead of time.  This will allow you to include those items on your resume that will be most important to the practice, and will also cause you to look more informed at the interview.

So where do you find open positions?  Certainly not on Craigslist!  The logical place to start is at all local hospitals.  Take a trip up there and speak frankly with someone and see if you can find out where open positions would be listed. Do the same with smaller medical centers.  If you still come up short, look online for job boards that specialize in the medical field.

Many people will find it better to start out immediately with your own practice.  While it’s harder to get started this way, it does have the dual advantages of bypassing the whole resume / interview process and of earning a lot more money.  Be patient and persevere–and eventually you’ll find yourself in a career that will give you a lifetime’s worth of fulfillment.

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Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty and the Smoker

Date posted: April 16, 2010

There are several considerations that determine who is the best candidate for labiaplasty or vaginoplasty.  One of them is the woman’s health.  Specifically, there are certain habits that thwart the healing process following surgery.  One of those habits is smoking. (more…)

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Eating, Drinking and the Safer Labiaplasty

Date posted: April 12, 2010

Maybe it never occurred to you, but the ultimate success of your labiaplasty might depend at least to a small degree on what you’re eating and drinking–both before and after the operation.  Nutrition plays an important part in decreasing the bruising and swelling in and on your body, while also maximizing its ability to heal itself. By eating a proper diet rich in antioxidants, you can improve your body’s circulation.  This helps your body heal itself during the recovery phase of the labiaplasty. (more…)

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Recommending Labiaplasty / Vaginoplasty for Others?

Date posted: April 8, 2010

For those of you who have already had a labiaplasty or vaginoplasty, was it something you’d recommend to others?  Then why don’t you?  Few areas of plastic surgery seem to be as “hush-hush” as those which concern the woman’s genitalia, and yet this is an area where a woman needs to know the feelings and experiences of others.  There are four ways you should consider making your recommendation known to other potential patients: (more…)

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Waiting for Labiaplasty: What to Do in the Meantime

Date posted: April 5, 2010

According to recent numbers, some people are putting off plastic surgery procedures because of the recession. This is as true of labiaplasty as any other procedure.  It’s not that women no longer want to undergo labia procedures, it’s just that they want to wait a few months until they’re in a better financial position.  If this is true of you–you know that you will eventually undergo the labiaplasty, but it might be a few months–what should you do in the meantime?  There are actually several things you can do in the meantime to get yourself prepared. (more…)

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The Recession and Plastic Surgery and Why You Should Care

Date posted: April 1, 2010

The recession has affected plastic surgery in interesting ways, if we’re to believe recent news reports.  In a study published in March in the New York Times, it was revealed that Americans are cutting back on cosmetic surgery–but mostly because of women, not men.  and it’s not just because of the lack of extra money to spend, but the tightening credit market and drop in the value of real estate are all taking a toll, making it more difficult for people to finance their bodily improvements. (more…)

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